Am I Compelled


2 Corinthians 5:14-18
September 17, 2017
Pastor Ralph Morris

“People Who Were Nothing Like Jesus __________ Jesus!”
Andy Stanley

The Reason The Church Doesn’t Reach More People For Christ Is Because We Don’t ___________ Or _________ Like Christ.

When I Learned To Love Jesus, The Natural Outflow From My Life Would Be To _____________ Him.

A Christian Is _________ Guilty Of Sin!

When Paul Realized That Jesus Loved Him And Accepted Him Just The Way He Was, It _______________ Him.

You Will Never Be “Compelled” Until You Are “_______________”.

It Will _____________ Our Decisions In Life.
It Will _____________ Our Hearts From Believing Lies.
It Will _____________ Our Minds On Truth.
It Will ________________ Us To Spend Our Lives In His Service.

People Who Have Never Experienced The Freedom That Comes From Knowing And Loving Jesus Always Feel A Sense Of Loss Rather Than A Realization Of ___________.

Reconcile = To Take Two Incompatible Things And Make Them _________________.

Reconciled People ________________ People To God!

Take-Away: If We Are Truly _______________ By Christ’s Love, Maybe, Just Maybe, Others Will Get It Also!

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