Give Careful Thought to Your Ways


Haggai 1-2:5
September 10, 2017
Pastor Ralph Morris

We Are A People By Nature That Are ________________ _____________ And We Tend To Evaluate Everything We Do According To The Outcome.

Are The Choices That I’m Making In Life Allowing Me To Have A ____________ Impact Or A ___________ Impact On God’s Kingdom?

Are We Making Most Of Our Decisions Based On How They Will ______________ Us Or How They Might _______________ Us To Be More Available To Be Used By God In His Kingdom?

They Placed Their Focus On ________________ ____________.
They _
___________ The Needs Of God’s House.
They _______________ To A Worldly System.
They Forgot To Let Their ___________ Guide Them.
They Allowed __________ To Dictate Their Decisions.
They Became ______________ And Stopped Honoring The Lord With Their Possessions.

The Loss Of Blessings Should Be The ______________ Consequence That Is Consistent With Removing Oneself From An _______________ Relationship With God.

They Began To Become More ___________________ And Their Focus Turned Away To Their Own Comfort And Desires So They Became Negligent Of The Things That Would Keep Them Close To The Lord.

Under The New Covenant, The Bible Says That You And I Are The Temple Of God’s _______________ In The Person Of The Holy Spirit.

How Are We ______________ Up Our Own Spiritual House And In Doing So, Are We Tending To The Things That Pertain To __________ ______________?

The Church Is Full Of Good And _______________ ________________ But Most People Often Never Get Around To Doing Them Or Those That Do Seem To Be Dissatisfied With The Outcome.

When We Work _________ God, Not _______ Him, The Things That Concern Us Just Seem To Take Care Of Themselves.

Their Concerns And Worries Caused Them To Neglect Their First Purpose In Life And That Was To Bring Glory To God By _________________ An _______________ In Their Relationship With Him.

Take-Away: Are You Shooting Holes In Your Boat Because You’re ________________ The Intimacy With God And The __________________ To Work With Him As He Blesses All That You Do?

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