The Place We Live

“The Place We Live”, Ezekiel 12:2

When Everyone’s Thinking Is Worldly, Then Everyone’s Thinking Is _____________!

There Are Two Things That Should Concern Us Most;
How Do We _____________ To God?
Do We __________________ What His Purpose Is Regarding This World?

Mankind Does Not Have The _______________ To Create A Better World In Which To Live. Only The Lord Is Capable Of That!

Blessings And Freedom Can Often Become A ______________ If Not Guarded Carefully!

There Is A _______________ Of Rebellion And Hatred That Is Driving People’s Behavior On Every Level Of Society.

We Too Often Put Our Hope In The Things Of This World And We _______________ Ourselves On Matters Of Life That Are Destined To _____________.

The Influences Of The World Can Cause Us _________________ _________________ If We Aren’t Careful To Remember His Promise Of Coming Back.

When We Think Like The World Rather Than As Our Father Would Have Us Think, We Become Ineffective In Regards To The Thing That Is Most Important, ___________________________________.

Take-Away: It Is A ___________ To Know And Believe That The Lord Is Coming Back.

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