When Things Get Out of Whack

Ephesians 5:33

The World Hates The Truth And Sadly Far Too Many People Even Within The Church Have Been _____________ By And Have Even _____________ The Standards Of The World.

When Husbands & Wives Begin To See Their Roles As _____________ Of The Relationship Between Jesus And The Church, The Family Always Benefits.

Decisions That Women Make Tend To Be More _____________ ____________ Than A Man’s Which Can Expose More Vulnerability.

The Element Of Emotion That Women Bring Is ________ To The Family Structure In Regards To It Development.

Good Intentioned People Sometimes Display ______ _____________!

If A Husband Truly Loves His Wife As Himself, He Will Understand The ______________ Of Her Involvement In His Life And He Will Want To Be _______________ Of Her Input.

When A Woman Criticizes Or Fails To Encourage Her Husband, She ____________ Him.

Men Process Complaining As _____________ For Who They Are As A Man.
Men Cannot ______________ As Much Information As Most Women Are Able To Communicate.

God Will Always Hold The Man Responsible For The _____________ Of His Family.

Most Women ____________ For A Strong, Loving Leader In Their Man.

Take-Away: _________ God And His Plan And ________ The Benefits Of Doing Marriage The Way God Intended It To Be!

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