Will The Real Me Please Step Forward

Psalm 141:1-5
October 1, 2017
Pastor Ralph Morris

Relational = “concerning the way things are connected”

David Knows That His Tendency Is To Drift Away From The ________________ ______________ That God Wants Him To Experience.

Am I Being Real or Just ________________?

Unchurched People Aren’t Interested In Christianity Because It Doesn’t Seem To Bring About Any _________ ____________ In People’s Lives.

Within The Church, There Seems To Be, At Times, No _____________ ___________ For Those Who Profess To Be Followers Of Jesus.

Can People _______________ Me As A Follower Of Christ By My Behavior Away From The Church?

Was David Concerned That His Prayers Had Become A ___________ To God Rather Than A Sweet Aroma?

Maybe David’s Behavior Didn’t ________ ____ With The Prayers That He Offered Up?

Is Our Lives _____________ With The Same Love For People That Jesus Had?
Are The Decisions That We Make Concerning Our Personal Lives Driven By The __________ We Have For Jesus Or Are They Done Out Of _________________ For Our Own Desires?
Is Hypocrisy A Characteristic Of Our Lives That Other People Would _______________ Us By?

We Will Never Be Effective _______ Christ Until We Are Able To Show The Love ____ Christ Through Our Words.

Is Your Love For Jesus ______________ Enough To Cause Any Significant Changes In Your Behavior?

How Do Other People ______________ You?
Are You ______________ Someone From Really Seeing Who Jesus Is?

TAKE-AWAY: Because I’m A Child Of God, Will The _______ ____ Please Step Forward?

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